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I didn’t make it to Stabler, and didn’t catch game on TV as I was driving home.  I checked my phone halfway through the first, and saw us down 8, checked later it was 9 near the half.  I was upbeat still, then shocked to see us down 20 in the second half.  What a debacle.  This is a game we should have won by 20.  I haven’t seen Lafayette this season, but from what I recall of their roster, it is pretty lean.  They are solid at the PG with Tony Johnson, Geise can shoot it a bit from the outside, and they have the big Australian kid (all 3 looked to have big games from the box), but they lost a lot from last year (Mower and Delany) and we handled them easily twice last year.  I just can’t imagine how we could have gotten blown out by this team.  I am still in shock.  This team is puzzling.  You have to chalk this up to lack of focus and effort, not from the coaching staff, but from the players who were supremely overconfident after Bucknell win.  We should never give up 70+ to Lafayette at home, or in any venue.  Defense and rebounding take effort, and apparently there was none yesterday. 

Now 3 on the road, and this team needs to show us something.