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Gabe needs to elevate his game.  Period.  He is a low box, back to the basket, scorer.  That is what he has been for 3 seasons, and that is what he still is.  He needs to park his butt on the low box and call for the basketball and finish.  If he has nothing, he needs to kick it to a shooter, preferably not with a first name of Anthony.  I am sick of his “new” game facing the basket.  He does not have a good game off the dribble from the wing, he is a mediocre 15-18 foot shooter, and he is a poor 3 point shooter.  Somebody needs to remind him of this.  The team needs to pound the ball into the paint, and let him go to work.  He needs to go strong and draw fouls.  He needs to go to his bread and butter moves like the drop step and finishing with the baby hook off of both sides.  He has been trying to do too much since the CJ injury.

Holden needs to let the game come to him a little more.  He is forcing a lot of tough shots.  He has a nice all around game, and can do a little of everything, but he is not a take over the game type of player.  He excels in playing in the offense, and letting his offense come through the team offensive concept.

If these two put up standard numbers with MM, BJB can pick up the slack from CJ, along with minor help from CS, SC, AD and JG.  We don’t need Gabe or Holden to be 20 point scorers to be successful.