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Nice win, nice well rounded effort, and nice bounce back off of Baylor learn something about a team off a loss, and clearly the boys were fired up.

From box score, couple quick impressions:

Nice to get GK back, very nice. CJ efficient effort. MM, nice ball game man with 15/7, and like when MM is getting to the line, that is when he is at his best when he fights like hell to get to the tin. Love that. Holden with 12/7.

Deadeye SC – love him looking for his, he is a weapon with that shot, love him taking 9 shots…why not, he should get open looks and he will knock them down…SC could be wildcard this year in a souped up offensive Hamiton type role aka get left alone and knock down some momo 3’s…just got to hope we can hide him defensively.

Bad – well SBum beat me to it, and it is not a surprise, but givnig up 16 offensive boards to that club is really not acceptable….they’re tiny, man that is not good at all.

CB/JG – need more from them, as we know, but we all got to be patient. CB has ability to rebound, just needs to get more experience, let us not forget he hasn’t reaally played in 2 years…JG, big upside, will take time..importantly, get them both minutes in non conference slate and hope they round into form for PL action.

Good win, just loaded up some yuengling in the fridge and set the dvr for tomorrow night…importantly, another opportunity at a BCS school on big stage…great learning experience regardless of the outcome….and certainly helps the schedule out….fired up for tomorrow night…really fired up…great night tonight…took care of our bizness.