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Great win.  Nothing to complain about with this one.  Love the balance in the offense.  Looks like we caught a break in OOC schedule, as Bobby Morris is not what we all expected.  Two blowout losses for them so far.  So, we are plus 1 to the good side with a big one on the horizon tonight.  I don’t know a ton about Pitt, but have to assume they are big.  I will be watching Lehigh/Pitt tonight and also following closely along to Bucknell/George Mason.  GMU coming off a road upset of Virginia, although Virginia looks to be the worst team in the ACC this season.  I give Bison the edge at home.

Two areas of concern for me:

1) Devon Carter – he was highly hyped coming out of high school in Ohio, and by some on this board (myself included).  Held a higher rating coming out of HS than CJ (for what that is worth).  I find it troubling that he is getting garbage minutes, and cannot break into the bench guard rotation of AD, SC, and CS.  I recall CJ coming off the bench his first few games as a freshman.  I remember going to see him play at Rider early in his freshman season, and although he came off the bench, it was obvious that when he got on the floor he was something special.  He was a force from day one.  With DC, albeit a tiny sample size, he is running 2-4 minutes of garbage time, and not putting up any stats at all.  This is an area of concern for me.  Can we project this guy as a real player in the post-CJ era?

2) Conroy Baltimore – back on the bench last night and only 12 minutes and 5 fouls.  What are we going to get out of CB this season?  He and to a lesser extent, JG, are going to have to play an important role on this team (like JM last season).  

Anybody have a scouting report on Pitt?  They did rip Fordham pretty good last night.