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Man American choked that away, Lumpkins missing two, Munoz missing front end of a one on one…awful, muscala didn’t do much versus bigger frontline from AU…but BU escapes Bender.


As for LU, Navy played zone so reed went to his zone buster, and stef answered with 5 triples…it was a pretty sloppy game, and I woke up this morning thinking how did we not get GK more shots to try to get him going….TMH, I’m officially concerned bud, wow didn’t see this coming…GK averaging 7 a game in league play, that has to be most shocking stat of the season, just surreal that production has halted/ceased/stopped post CJ…really concerning at this point…Navy is horrible, just horrible, so LU did what it had to do but that 1st half we played was a stinker and glad we got out of there with a nice big win at the end of the day…survive and advance.