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Needed this one and got it.

Perimeter D (3 for 23 last night, 30 for 129 in league play, and 4th best in the nation for all games played) together with the combined 3-point shooting of SC and BJ (7 for 14) was the story of the game. Against the zone we did what we had to do and did it extremely well, i.e., move the ball to find the open man from beyond their out-stretched reach. SC and BJ inflicted the damage from afar – no one else – as half their bombs connected for 21 points. Other than that, had to like Holden’s mid-range shooting and board work. Gabe wasn’t a factor as he spent most of his time on offense 10-12 feet away from the target. He did hit two (his only two) from the low blocks where he’s “at home” and, as others have stated, should stay. CS never seems to disappoint and didn’t again last night. Smooth, comfortable, in control and good for 6-8 pts/game – as we was last night. JG did get 5 boards but couldn’t fine the handle on offense much of the night. And, then there’s AD (1 for 6 last night and 2 for 17 in the last three). While I like his hustle and intense play (really improved on defense since start of season), he seems to think he has to score when, in fact, there’s others to fill the basket. CS and SC are waiting in the wings to start. Should his D continue to improve, I see Stefan getting the nod someday – perhaps someday soon. It might take the pressure – which appears to be mounting – off of Anthony. Corey, as equipped as he is to start, might better be used as he is today – in relief of Mackey who we know can lose it or get into foul trouble (7 in the last two games).

KenPom movements based on what happened last night. Lafayette jumps up 22 spots while Colgate drops 20. Army, who beat HC by 14 will be no picnic for us on Sunday.

BU from 49 to 54
LU from 83 to 75
LC from 214 to 192
Army from 219 to 206
HC from 206 to 217
AU from 269 to 260
CU from 247 to 267
Navy from 311 to 317