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We stink… So, I am sure that a 20-point plus win will be coming tonight for you guys.

We are an incredibly young team. We have no seniors, three juniors that play very sparingly and aren’t really that good, three sophomores that play and five freshmen that see regular minutes. We haven’t gotten any better this year and that is the frustrating part. We have ZERO big men right now, so we just get hammered inside every game.

However, there is hope for the future. Point guard Tilman Dunbar is very good, Worth Smith is a good player, Brandon Venturini, Kendall Knorr, Phil Guglielmo can all shoot it pretty well.

We are in a major rebuilding mode and I would not be surprised ONE BIT to see us next year have no seniors again, just two juniors and the rest freshmen and sophomores.