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Good point, B137, re: our rebounding. Yet, surprised to see BU ranked so low (#262) in offensive rebounding. Guess it something both our teams must address.

As bad as our rebounding has been, that’s how good we have been from behind the 3-point line this year – both offensively (ranked 2nd in the nation) and defensively (ranked 5th in the nation). Our performance up a West Point yesterday did nothing but reinforce those numbers going 7 for 16 (43.8%) and holding Army to 10 of 31 (32.3%).

As for yesterday, AD continues to surprise. You just don’t know what you’re going to get, except exceptional hustle and grit. One day, he’s 0 for 6 with 1 board (Bucknell), the next day he’s 6 for 10 with 10 boards – as he was yesterday. It evens out over time, as he’s averaging 6.9 ppg and 4.3 rpg in PL play. A solid 5th starter – a post he won weeks ago because of his D and that has done nothing but improve. He’s firmly entrenched now and on nights when he doesn’t have it, there’s always the hope (more like the expectation) that Stefan or Corey will be there to pick up the slack. It seems to be working just fine.

Before the game many of us in attendance were saying, “Get – and keep – Gabe in the low blocks and limit the effectiveness of Ella Ellis.” Well, except for a couple of wayward 12-18 foot Knutson heaves and two others from downtown, it worked just fine. With the makeup of this year’s team, GK needs to stay home. Someone tell him his .321 three-point FG% is 8th best on a team that plays eight.

Rebounds remain a concern – especially on the offensive boards where we were out-muscled 16 to 8 (5 of those 8 by our guards) which lead to the near 2:1 differential in 2nd chance points (Army 15 – Lehigh 8). Thankfully, we hit our three’s and raced to easy fast break points (Lehigh 13 – Army 0). Together, they more than compensated for our lack of rebounding. Regrettably, that formula won’t always work. Until then, you play the hand you were dealt – speed and deft shooting.

One final thought about Army………..Cox and Ellis will never again go a combined 4 for 18 at Christl arena this year. Glad we get them at Stabler in the season finale. Good luck to Bucknell, Holy Cross and Colgate who must visit the USMA.