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We know this team can’t rebound.  It is one of the shortfalls that we have.  We are not very big, and our biggest guy is just not a good rebounder.  As discussed before, rebounding comes down to quickness, desire, and a lot of intangibles other than size.  That is why a guy like MM can rebound pretty well, as can BB.  GK is a finesse player and has been his whole career.  He is not a great leaper, and if he is going to rebound it has to be through fundamental positioning and boxing out.  But, in the PL, we are fine.  There are no really big teams to face.  Bucknell probably has the biggest/best frontcourt with Muscala and Willman, and if they want to rebound, they can throw a Fitzpatrick in there, but we handled the boards pretty well against them, and we have some flexibility with JG, if we want to go big.  Holy Cross and American have a couple big players as well, but nothing overwhelming.  As also discussed a ton, we are getting virtually nothing from potentially our best rebounder, CB, but at this point, he is so far down the pecking order, I can’t see him playing any valuable minutes this season.  Was surprised Reed didn’t like his defense, because I thought that was his strength.  He certainly has no offensive game.  But, I think we are fine for the PL slate.  Where it will really show up is in the postseason tournaments, if we make one of them.  As you saw against Baylor and Pitt, a really big team will destroy us on the glass and in the paint.  It is amazing how much you can miss a guy like Manieri.  But, every team has their faults, and no team in the PL is perfect.  Bucknell is the opposite of us, in that they are short in the backcourt, especially at the PG position.  So, you go with what you got and hope for the best.  I think Reed will continue to mix and match with his bench.  Some games will dictate more JG, and some will dictate more CS and SC.