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There has got to be more to that story.  This is not some average player we are talking about.  He has basically carried Army for 2+ seasons.  The guy is 1st team All-PL this preseason, and was All PL first team last season.  He started every game as soph and junior except 1, and started the first 19 games this season.  He has been in double figures 19 out of 22 games this season, 6x over 20 points, 1x over 30.  He scored 20+ coming off the bench in one of the last 3 games where he didn’t start.  As a junior, he was in double figures every game except 1, and every game as a soph except 5.  Doesn’t seem like the way to take care of your senior star in his last go around.  Surprising at a place like Army, where loyalty must mean something, right?  Somebody please tell me he has an injury.  I can see building for the future, but this seems a bit out of line.  How do you spin that as a coach?  You are our best player, you have been the entire team for the last 75 games, but now I’m going to put you on the pine until Senior Day, and, by the way, you are leaving for Afghanistan after the PL tourney.