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May have been a minor disciplinary issue, or perhaps just an issue about his defense or not playing team ball.    It can’t be an injury since he has been playing major minutes in each of the three games since he came out of the starting lineup.


Game 1:  Played 23 minutes but lost minutes due to foul trouble.  Entered in 1st half after only 2:20 of time had elapsed and 2nd half after 3:28.

Game 2:  Played 29 minutes.  Entered in 1st half after 2:17 and 2nd half after 3:22.

Game 3:  Played 22 minutes but lost 6+ minutes due to major foul trouble.  Entered 1st half after 2:20.   Entered 2nd half after 1:18 – the first stoppage of play.


If I had to guess, I think Spiker didn’t like something about his play vs Colgate and decided to bring him off the bench to send a message to him.   Then they won the next 2 games with him as 6th man, so he just kept going with the same lineup.    I’ll be interested to see how they play it next game – although if he’s going to play 29 minutes, enter each half after 2 minutes , and be in the game down the stretch, then it doesn’t matter much.