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Well sucks I didn’t make it, but with my luck the last few years they would have lost if I did make it!

Nice win, any win at that place is a good one, big effort by starting 5 who put up all of LU points..we got zilch from bench tonight.

We owned 1st half, they got momentum back with buzzer 3 at end of 1st half, and that carried into second half as they stormed back and took lead

But when it was winning time our vets made big plays, Holden had back to back big buckets, BJ hit a 3 to tie it up at one point. Anthony ahd a bucket and nice charge. Gabe looked better again tonight.

Mackey was big tonight, especially down the stretch hitting FTs and making plays on both ends of floor.

Would have loved to hit Gabe more down low in second half, seems we were jump shot settling a bit tonight, but a win is a win man, huge game to keep pace with BU.

7-1 boys, feels good, loving the effort tonight! Feels good!