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Gabe picked a fine time to make a three – actually 4 of them out of 5 attempts. The dry-spell lasted 55 days. Like it was last night, he hit 4 of 5 down at UNT. With GK and JG working the hi-low post to perfection early on, the opportunities were there and Gabe hit the first 4 he took. Don’t get your hopes up, he’s still the worst – and 10th best – 3-point shooter on our team @ .371. Three others (CB, JG and TS) haven’t taken a deep shoot.

While everyone missed BJ, especially his unselfish play, the team did what it does best – play unselfishly. It seems they know no other way. What else can you say about 15 assists on 20 made baskets.

Another day on the job. What else can you say about “lunch pail” Holden. Quietly and without fanfare he goes about his business. Once did he show emotion. That came after his made three on his only 3-point attempt. Otherwise, it was a typical 9 points and 5 rebound night with 3 blocks and a steal thrown in.

Doing what we do best was enough to win again last night. Despite being out-rebounded – this time by 11 and losing the points in the paint battle – we forced 13 turnovers (scoring 14), had five players hit 10 of 19 from beyond the arc and defended the mid-range and, in particular, the three-point shot (22.7%) very, very well. Their best at that and formerly the PL leader in 3FG%, John Schoof, was held to just one made three on 6 attempts. We held a team that had been averaging 65 ppg to just 47 last night. That’s who we are…that’s what we do.

Still want to see a published report of “Vertical Leaps.” Anthony D’Orazio has to top the charts. Block in the corner and steal leading to breakaway basket where things of beauty. Improved FT shooting was result, he says, of “more attempts” and getting into the flow of the game. Can’t argue with that. We played what I believe was a season-high, for him, 30 minutes last night and went 4 for 5 from The Line. Slick assist work, as well. Looked, as everyone did, well conditioned. Played a hard 30 minutes.

Entered the game ranked 76th by Pomeroy. Exit play ranked 75th. BU, who had trouble putting away Colgate at home, dropped from 60th to 65th.

Slim attendance (reports of 1119) but 100 or so could be found in the student section. Front rows vocal. Not bad considering 4 o’clock exams are in progress. BU game will be on everyone’s calendar – exams or not. Speaking of student support, give a read to the Bucknell Board. What’s up with that?! Talk of “pathetic,” or “the school and coaching staff need to do some lobbying.” Interesting read, as always.