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Had to leave mid-way through the second half so didn’t get to see the big finish and the AD dunk and 3pt heroics.  Good for him.  The boy plays like he has flubber on the bottom of his shoes (wonder if he’s a chemistry major?).

Jeff Jones lost some weight since last year; I was getting worried about that boy ..

Great move by Coach Reed to put JG in the starting lineup.  He had some offensive misques – including a missed dunk – but defense was great.  He was a real presence in the interior defense; something I haven’t seen here since Zahir.

50% from the 3pt line?  Looks like we are going to live and/or die from the 3pt line – until (if) CJ comes back..

We really missed BJ’s unselfish and efficient play.  He really distributes the ball well and slices up the zone at key moments.    Students are in the middle of 4 o’clock exams so maybe he had a ‘situation’.

8-1 in league play – rock on!