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Yes, heard ankle as well. Distrubing we got caught looking ahead with this veteran team we have, but it happens I guess. Figured colgate was bad enough that even if we played crappy we would have won, guess again. Unengaged and lack of spirit in 1st half, lot of heart in 2nd half, could have laid down and just got beat by 20 but they fought, good sign.

Missed 1st half cause ‘gate didn’t have all access working properly but we miss BJ, miss athleticism and driving abilities. We again dressed 8 schollie guys.

2nd half was D’Orazio or Knutson, every possession. What amazed me yesterday was lack of MM aggressiveness, I don’t think he shot until final minute of the 2nd half on those two drives with under 15 seconds left, he was really MIA in 2nd half, granted we played well in 2nd half but he wasn’t active as usual. Hope we get BJ back on Monday and bounce back.

Anyway, 8-2 vs 8-2, showdown monday at stabler…agree, if 4000+ plus doesn’t happen we got some big time issues…hoping for 5,000 as I think Bu will travel well.