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Disappointed as everyone else is. We live and die each day with the “3.” Today, it got the best of us (0-8 in the first half and 3-17 overall). That, uninspired/detached play, and poor (again) rebounding did us in. Was hoping to pick up a game on BU with the thought that LC would handle them at Kirby. Just didn’t happen. Now, our future is clouded to say the least. Win out, claim first place in the PL, and head into the post-season NIT (at a minimum) or fall to pieces, end up 8-6, and fail to host a Round One tournament game. Sad to say, it could happen. Looking ahead, I’d surely rather have 5-5 Army’s schedule (CU, AU, HC, LU) to closeout the year. While we rightfully focus on BU and LC, that Game #14 against Army at Stabler could determine all post season matchups.