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I disagree that crowd was great.  For a game of this magnitude it should sold out or been close.  Bucknell had a pretty full section behind their bench and number 5 above, with some in 6 and 7.  They turned out and were loud, but I honestly thought more fans would travel.  Student turnout was strong, stronger than I have ever seen in recent years.  But, there were a ton of  empty seats.  Even in lower level court side seats, where I sat, across from Lehigh bench, there were a lot of empty seats, and as you went higher it got worse.  Not sure of announced crowd, but honest fans in attendance I would put at 3000-3500.  Obviously, that is much better than we usually do, but I expected more.  6th man idea turned out to be painful as it tool us about 10 minutes to score 6.  I miss the old days of throwing the toilet paper after first basket.

I thought Gabe defended very hard on Muscala in the post.  His offensive game was a struggle at times, but he is giving a lot of size up.  I loved MM running the high pick and roll with AD early in second.  Was effective, but we got away from it.  This team without CJ struggles to score the basketball, period.  You miss him as your go to safety option.  It was a super tight game until Lehigh lost Johnson on back to back trips.  You turn a tie game into down 6, then struggle out of timeout and Bison push to 10, then uphill rest of way.  To me, player of game was Fitzpatrick.  He was great with Muscala on bench in first half at both ends, have offense, defense, boards and blocked couple shots.  Played big for them with star in foul trouble.