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For some reason, and GK was biggest offender, we had a terrible time finishing at the rim.  Nobody could make a layup early in game and it continued.  We kept trying to finger roll it in from close, but should be using glass.  GK missed a bunch when he made a strong post move.  We were short all night from 3 and line.  If you look at the box and see Muscala with off game, Willman with off game, and Ayers with off night, you would think we roll.  Not sure why we are running so much offense through AD.  He did show off some great leaping ability last night, literally jumped over bigger guys to finish at rim, but jumper too inconsistent.  Again Bucknell, you need to exploit the one matchup you have Mackey on any of their PGs.  You have to let him break down his man on every possession and go from there.  We have such a huge advantage there, we need to make them pay.