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I don’t think I’ve ever second-guessed a single coaching move by Dr. Reed, but down 3 with 40 seconds left, why on God’s Green Earth don’t you foul? The set-piece drain-the-shot-clock shot has always been Bucknell’s forte, and Lehigh just gave it to them at the end of the game. I knew they’d get the shot off with 1 second on the shot clock to win the game. I couldn’t have been the only one.

At least foul once! Let’s say they make both and you miss the 3. You still lose. But prolonging the game too many good things could happen. Heck, maybe they miss both and you set up a 3 ball and head to OT. They had struggled from the line in the run-up to that moment.

Am I the only one who sees how easily Lafayette could come away with the NCAA tournament bid? It’s easy to see why they’re in the thick of this thing. Their strengths map perfectly to Bucknell’s (guard play) and Lehigh’s (slow starts) weaknesses. Their insane schedule, too, has prepared them well for PL play. When you go to Kentucky, suddenly Lehigh doesn’t seem so daunting.