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I tell you what is interesting, I posted in this thread once pre-game and once post-game immediately after the game last night. I woke up this morning and took a long look at the box score and I tell you what, I really am not that upset at all about this L. As I said and others pointed out in much greater depth, when are we going 7 for 30 from 3 & FT line ever again? It could happen, but doubtful based on history and track record of this team. I think others are right in that we saw some horribly off shots, a lot of which were short, and that is legs being tired. That was our 3rd game in 6 days and check out elevated minutes for our big 4 these past 3 games vs their season averages. Big time elevation in minutes, in fact in each of those 4 cases did each player play more in each of the 3 games then his season average in minutes. Not an excuse, but perhaps an explanation, lets remember BU played the same amount of games in the same amount of days as us, so its not an excuse, just a point.

MM: 37 40 37 vs. season average of 33

AD: 30 35 34 vs season average of 24

HG: 38 33 36 vs season average of 31

GK: 33 34 30 vs season average of 29

Looking back I would have liked to try to see if Reed could have gotten more from SC last night, fresher legs and some instant offense perhaps, he had 4 points and 3 rebounds in 5 minutes and with BJ hobbled and AD looking perhaps a bit tired, think he could have rode SC a bit more. We held MM in check for the most part, kudos to the defense on that one, as that is no small task. As 90 pointed out, Fitz had a big game for them, huge effort and their bench overall gave them more then we got.

LU will regroup, this team is a bunch of fighters with huge hearts, they’ll work and get better this week and get ready for Laf game. I really expect a big effort vs Laf, I’d be surprised if we didn’t play a solid ball game.