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A couple of things:

Not sure how much better the crowd can get when looking towards student section. That was the most kids I’ve ever seen there. They ran out of white t-shirts at least 10 minutes before tip, and there were 600 of them. The fact of the matter is, most of the campus was not interested in the team at all before last season. With stabler across the mountain and freshman not having cars on campus, it’s an effort to make it over for a lot of students. I know there are buses but they are a pain when it’s 20 degrees or so out.

BJ was playing on what appeared to be a severely sprained ankle, check his twitter for some gruesome pictures. Gutsy move by him to be out there, but obviously he was very limited offensively.

Man, JG is a fun guy to root for. Great hustle on the glass and that dive over the scorers table kept the team in it.

This team has shot free throws poorly ever since CJ went out, for whatever reason. I don’t know the stats, but I’d bet there’s a ~10% difference since VCU. Dr needs to get them to the line in practice or something, really cost them tonight when BU is something like 12/12 and LU is 4/11 at one point.

Definitely an impressive game against BU again. Bryson finally showed a sign of life against LU and boy did they need it. MM shut down pretty well even if it did have something to do with first half foul trouble. Was shocked he did not have the ball in his hand at the end of their last possession. Really shows respect for the quality of defense LU plays on him. Big game this weekend and optimistic they will come out ready to play this time.