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Man that second half was tough to watch, I’m going to see Mackey going underneath the ball screen in my nightmares tonight, kept going under on the screen and Tony J kept stroking the 3 balls man….tough to watch, and didn’t get corrected. Johnson cooked us man. To Rich’s point maybe our guys are just worn out, although having not played since Monday we should have been so well rested, but perhaps there is something there after a long grind of a year down a few bodies…we’re still getting nothing from the bench, CS and SC didn’t do much tonight, AD was quiet, so it was all on HG GK and MM. Got to do whatever the heck possible to avoid 4 seed, don’t want to see BU in semifinals if we get there, so we got to hold on to the 3 spot at all costs.

Seeing CJ on crutches was rough to see, I had hoped he’d be off by now, but per twitter seems he has Dr. appointment tomorrow, and boy do we need him to come back with a black cape and carry this team in the month of March.