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I respect and value the options of Lehigh90 and concede his knowledge of the game is far, far superior to anything I may from time to time bring to the table, but I’m having trouble saying our season is over. Maybe it’s the ‘fan’ in me, but until the final shot goes down on March 13th count me as a “believer.”

For all of our coaching blunders, missed steps, missed defensive assignments and missed opportunities yesterday, and there were many as documented by Lehigh90, LU was (a) in the game (6 ties and 5 lead changes), (b) led at the half, and (c) actually hit for a slightly higher FG% than did Lafayette (.527 to .519). We just ran into a buzz saw named Tony Johnson who went off on this 3’s (5 for 5), didn’t miss a FT (4 for 4) and was 10 of 12 overall from the field. He’s good – very good – but, as even he will tell ya, not that productive every time out. For instance, he went a combined 1 for 5 from three in his prior two games vs. BU and HC.

While we are going in the wrong direction, when compared to our nearest rivals heading into the last week of the season (see below), I give us a chance to win the final two (certainly the next vs. Navy) and then the first when Playoffs begin at home on March 9th. Do that and we’re in the semi’s on March 9th. Still time to right the ship, I say.

Winning Streaks
Army 4
Lafayette 3
Bucknell 2
Lehigh (-3)

As for turning this thing around, now that (a) GK seems to have found himself (18 for 34 from inside the arc over the last three with no misguided attempts from deep yesterday) and (b) his roommate, HG, is contributing (23 for 31 in his last three) as if this were his last chance at glory – which it is – let’s hope Coach Reed and staff do what they can to immediately correct our most glaring deficiency of late, i.e., play from beyond the arc (see below). Couple that with the return of a healthy (he’s not now) BJ who carried us into the playoffs last year with his strong “D” and accurate shooting (9 for 13 shooting in the final three) and I say, while we may be on life support, our season is by no means over.

Last three PL games
3’s on Offense = 13 for 48 or .271
3’s on Defense = 31 for 55 or .564

Prior thee PL games to the ones referenced above
3’s on Offense = 23 for 57 or .464
3’s on Defense = 18 for 71 or .254