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Great recap ’90 but I have to side with ’65 that this team has shown enough heroics to think a final two game sweep and at least one conference tournament win is possible.

We finally have HG and GK clicking on all cylinders (except foul shooting). My biggest frustration is our supposed dead-eye shooters – AD and SC – are not contributing.  Also, it is clear our perimeter defense was not up to par – ’90 explanation sounds plausible. We need to get the D figured out.

My early teenage son observed that A) BJ needs to be more “selfish” on offense and B) Gabe, who was being triple-teamed in post, needs to kick to a spot-up 3point shooter (preferably BJ or MM).  I would add that BJ seemed to be playing at about 75% of his usual energy level.  I don’t know if his problem is physical or mental.  I agree that he is not even close to reaching his full basketball potential.

The upshot of this weekend’s Morning Call article about BJ seemed to be that, while he has one more year of basketball eligibility left, he is going to graduate this Spring and forgo another year of hoops.  That seems a shame ..