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I think another point here is that any team that relies heavily on the 3 pt shot is going to be streaky, like Lafayette for the past 10 years.  2/3 of the way through the season when Lehigh was leading the country in 3 pt %, I don’t think anyone took that to mean that this was the single best perimeter shooting team in the entire country.  Those numbers were bound to even out somewhat, as was our 3 pt % defense.  In the world of advanced metrics, having those two numbers where they were the majority of the season would constitute a lot of “luck.”

However, the good thing is, the team has the CAPABILITY of shooting like that.  And in the PL, there is no reason we can’t get hot again and make a run for the championship.  It’s also possible we don’t get it back, and finish the season out on a 6 game losing streak.  With CJ, we had a guy who could get to the rim and foul line virtually at will, but without that we are a team very similar to the majority of Patriot League teams.  Get hot from 3 and you are hard to beat, go cold and you are meat.

I do wish the Reed had put someone else on Johnson besides Mackey (maybe he didn’t because only BJ would be up to the task and he was injured).  It is a lot to ask Mackey to be a major part of the offense and push the ball on every possession, and then faceguard Johnson on the other end.  Darn near impossible.  Would have liked to see BJ on him the majority of the game.

The offensive rebounds given up in the game ending run were brutal to watch.  Those situations invariably lead to scrambles and shooters being left open, and unfortuantely Johnson was just not going to miss an open 3 yesterday.

Stefan had a wide open look in the first 4 minutes yesterday, and was about 18 inches short, not even close.  Didn’t get another attempt after that I believe.  If he is your #1 shooter, he has to knock that down.

HG, GK, and MM played well.

JG’s missed dunk was ugly, but even worse was when HG threw him the ball on a post iso.  You could see a turnover coming from where I was watching in NYC.  I love the kid’s potential, but he should not receive the ball in an iso post situation the rest of the year.