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The last couple games have really disclosed how lacking we are without CJ. No one to step up and make the ‘three’ that could be a stake in the heart. When LU up by ten I was looking for just that and there was nothing.  The leadership issue is of a concern, too, in light of the necessary discipline.  Johnson played ‘one of those games’ that leaders do when everything is on the line. Knutson played hard and took it to the hoop. Had he played like that against Bucknell, different story. I will be shocked if we see CJ in a Lehigh uniform again….playing. Announcers said he has been ‘shooting’ to keep his touch, but still doing water therapy.  I can’t see him risking his NBA potential and coming back.  IF there was seen to be a real shot of winning the tournament and going into the NCAA’s, then a longshot, but I would never bet the ranch let alone a few buck on that.