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I’ve gotten to know Gabe a bit over the course of the last four years and there’s not one think I don’t like about this scholar athlete. His 3-point shooting is, however, at the bottom of my list. To my way of thinking (a) it’s not his game, (b) he’s not particularly good at it, and (c) it’s “all or nothing” in terms of his per game point production via the 3-ball. I’m also against having our 6’9″ center 21+ feet away from the basket when the ball takes flight. We already have enough trouble gathering rebounds off the offensive glass. Anyway, here are his numbers.

Career Game Played: 118

Game in which he attempted one or more 3 Pt. Shots: 32 or 27% of the time

Games in which he came up empty on his 3-point tries: 19 or 59% of the time

Feast of fathom: 10 of Gabe’s 18 made threes this year came in 3 games

His 3FG% averages:
Career: .351
This Season: .325

Bottom line, I’d rather have any one of these guys (this season’s 3-pt. average shown), whose game it is to shoot the “3,” take the long-range shot:

BJ: .471
AD: .394
CS: .371
SC: .364
MM: .345