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> Will CJ – if “bootless” – join his roommates Gabe and Holden, along with Cory, and BJ (academically a senior) out at center court for the start of tomorrow’s game. Even if he were lifted seconds after the ball was put into play, wouldn’t it be a special moment in time to witness.



I think the only way that would be possible would be if the two coaches agreed beforehand to have the team that wins the jump ball immediately travel or toss the ball OB and then have the other team return it to them on the inbound pass – as often happens in soccer.   Otherwise, in a game that matters, I doubt Reed wants to potentially have CJ on the court for the first couple of minutes if there are no early whistles.    And in a game that matters, I doubt he wants to have LU deliberately foul or commit a violation to get the clock stopped right after the center jump.    That one lost possession could cost them the game and possibly drop LU to a 4th seed.