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Quick Observations from Last Night

> LU played the first half surprisingly tight while Colgate played, as expected, loose and with nothing to lose.

>Seniors not ready to call it quits – not just yet – scoring 73% of the points (52 of 71) and pulling down 74% of the rebounds (20 of 27).

>Corey Schaefer’s sure-handed play, dazzling soft touch around the rim converting 2 of 2 shots and a three-pointer at a key time. Nine for 13 in last three. Averaging slightly more than 20 mpg over that span. Crowd favorite.

>AD’s heart and hustle which led to 5 rebounds.

>19 assists on 25 made field goals. Yeah, my favorite yardstick. Good ball movement leading to open shots from shooters who seldom miss. At times, it’s as if you’re watching pregame warm-ups. Can’t beat it.

>Don’t remember a BJ miss but stats say he did. Only went 4 for 6 with three of those from deep. He feelin’ it and seemingly back to a comfort level that we haven’t seen for weeks. Three double-digit scoring games in a row on attempts of 6, 7, and 8 per game. Have to wonder just how high those point totals could go with more attempts. As comfortable as anyone on the team right now from beyond the arc (9 for 15) or from the FT Line (10 for 12) in the last three. Dad present again last night.

>Burnatowski was a beast from within 20 feet. Glad he missed as often as he did from deep. Reed tried an assortment of coverage from AD to HG to BJ. None proved effective. Reed called him “un-guardable” at times in his postgame interview. Thankful Brandenburg and Rolls had off nights. CU should be a force in the league next year with Roh, Moore, Johnson and Burnatowski all returning.

>With perhaps still another game to go at Stabler this year – while doubtful needing both a Lehigh and Army win on Saturday – it appears Lehigh will closes out the year averaging 1795 patrons/game. That’s third best in the PL at present with BU @ 3243 and Navy @ 2218. The 1795 number represents a near doubling of the 2010-11 season number of 931 and a 35% gain over last year’s number of 1332.

Making plans to be at Lafayette on Saturday and setting the DVR for Army/BU @ 4:30pm. No better time of the year.