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Few thoughts:

1) Attendance will always partially come down to scheduling, and Lehigh never brings interesting opponents to Stabler.  The latest excuse has been that no one would play LU while CJ was still three.  Is there any truth to that?  Was VCU a two for one?  Very interested to see the schedule next year.  Hopefully with 4 more league games, there will be less emphasis on NEC teams, and we can totally get rid of D3’s.

2) on the subject of the possibility that this is Doc Reed’s last season, I for one, would be extremely excited if we got Logie were Reed to depart.  I think that replacement could very well end up being a push, if not an upgrade.  Let’s not forget that Logie was the lead recruiter on CJ, who was the player that changed the program.  Not saying that he will land another one, just that CJ is partially a feather in his cap.  If it turns out Reed leaves and we hire something else, that is obviously a total variable and I would be much more nervous.

3) I do think that the program is building, and even if next year’s young team isn’t great, I don’t think they will be terrible.  With the upgrades the PL has made bringing in BU and Loyola, and the momentum the program has, I think it is an exciting time to be an LU hoops fan.  At some point you would hope that the nearby community and students start to realize that this is a pretty good mid-major program.  Maybe some upgrades to Stabler would help generate some more excitment?