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gohawks 63, fair comments, good detailed post. I also hope Whitfield can help out in the frontcourt next year. Next year has potential to be solid despite graduating best class of our history, but it could swing in either direction based on a few keys.

1.) Frontcourt – I think Goldy keeps developing and if he puts on 10+ lbs of muscle and gets to a big man camp or two he will be a player next year in this league. With HG and GK graduating and CB being stuck on the bench, 2 of the 3 in the Chuku/Whitfield/Kempton have to break right. If you had a magic spell to cast and you get your pick of having one of them break right, you’d probably pick Kempton because of the  size factor! But if 2 of those 3 break right you should be competent up front, young in experience but not necessarily in age as I’ve outlined SW and JC are older players for their grades. In a perfect world all 3 break right and you got a nice, flexible 4 man rotation up front. If they break right, I’d think you’d have a really solid athletic and flexible front court in terms of options. You’d perhaps get to go “big” with SW at the 3, and using 2 of the remaining 3 at the 4 and 5 spot. From what I’ve seen SW is the shortest of the 3, and quickest.

2.) Backcourt – You know what MM is going to bring, he’ll work all offseason and take his game up another level, so he’ll be a top flight PL lead guard again next year. You got AD, SC, and CS all returning so you know what you have there for the most part. AD is what AD is, CS is solid but not a star, and as outlined above I think upside is still there for SC, agree he was under utilized a bit this year and wish we saw more of him. So you got 4 returning guards that you know something about, and then you got DC off ACL surgery so not sure what to make of him and considering how little PT he got when healthy, not sure where he fits into this, and then fresh blood from guard spot includes AP and the CR question mark factor. As much as you need atleast 2 of those 3 newcomers up front to break right, you really need AP to break right as well in terms of future prospects post next year. If CR is preferred walk on and we have a schollie left, I’m curious if we’ll use it. Obviously, I’ve left off BJ, who if he returns is a big factor in terms of lowering the potential outcomes for next year and tilting those potential outcomes in the upward direction.

I’m high on the newcomers for next year, think they all got a shot to break right, but I don’t know and don’t have a crystal ball! Wish I did! If I did I’d probably use it too frequently to get good outcomes for LU Hoops than my wife would probably like!