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Good points, 00. Allow me to expand upon your #1……..

They say, “Defense wins game.” More to the point, when going up against Lafayette, “3-point Defense wins games.” We’re about to see if we have it in us to win this game with a 3-pt. D. that limits not just Tony Johnson (Coach Reed’s highlighted player…with good reason after going 5 for 5 against us 13 days ago), but Hindrichs, Giest, Ptasinski, Scott, and others as well. It’s both a tall order and the key to playing next Wednesday. Since last we met (LC 79 – LU 71 on 2/24), the Leopards put down CU, AU, and HC by 13, 8 and 23 pts., respectively. They hit 32 of 60 attempts from “3” (.533) but surprise, surprise, it wasn’t all Tony Johnson. In fact, little of it was. While he did go 5 of 5 from deep against us, he connected just four times from long range in his last three games – that’s 4 of 8 in 96 minutes of playing time. His partners in crime did the rest going 28 for 52 (.538). Therein lies the problem. As much as we speak of TJ and his court wizardry, it’s a family thing. How we limit not only him, but his friends from long range, will determine the outcome of today’s game. I ‘m convinced we will score and score a lot based on strong good ball movement and the resulting open looks. Gabe, Holden, and BJ are peeking at just the right time. Mackey, I’m sure, is chomping at the bit to remind everyone there’s another point guard out there today. And, with spot point production from Stefan….or Cory…….or Anthony……or all three…….we’ll be in what should be a single possession game around 3:50pm. Simply, it’ll be a matter of “Stops” – not Scores this afternoon.

The only sure thing you can say going into today’s games – both toss-ups in Easton and in Lewisburg – is that “Army will not host the Championship Game on Wednesday.”