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I’m glad they are playing tonight.  It shows everyone that this program and this university is serious about basketball.  Most teams go play when postseason tournaments invite them.  And, as fans, what the hell do we care?   It’s not our money that is being spent for the season to continue.  I can’t see Lehigh raising ticket prices next year because they lost their ass on the CBI.  If one player, coach, or fan gets one solid memory from a trip to Laramie, Wyoming, then it’s worth it.  Do people really care if Lehigh loses a few bucks on this game, or the PL loses a few bucks?  Lehigh has $1B in their endowment, or close to it, they can certainly afford it.  I don’t think our academics will be sacrificed if we lose $100K.  If we lose tonight, I am not surprised, as it is a tough spot, and if we win, I’m thrilled, and hopeful I get to see another game in Stabler.  It’s about time, this program started acting like a legitimate mid-major basketball program.