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My 2 cents, worthless I know, but still…Am I excited to be playing in the CBI, not entirely, but am I excited to be playing another game, yes sir. Now I know we’re not a young team so its not about development at htis point, but if the team earned their way to a birth and the team wants to play, I have no problem with it. This was a difficult year for the team, playing short handed all year long, so if the guys who suited it up every day want in, I’m in as well. By no means is the CBI birth “below” our standards. If texas and purdue can play in it, and I don’t know or care what their situations are, but if they can play in it from BCS conerences we can as well.


SBum – I agree about recruiting being a priority, but I’m hopeful this doesn’t slow that down at all. The staff ahd all last week off to go visit kids should they have choosen too. Hopefully they took advantage of it.