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Am I excited to be playing in the CBI, not entirely, but am I excited to be playing another game, yes sir. Now I know we’re not a young team so its not about development at this point, but if the team earned their way to a berth and the team wants to play, I have no problem with it.

I too am excited for Holden and Gabe and will I be watching the CBI game with a cold Yuengling in hand tonight? You bet.

But I disagree with the idea it’s not about development. Mackey will get valuable postseason minutes playing in Wyoming and so will Goldy, whose jobs are “only” to replace two Lehigh legends next season.

Also, no matter what happens with coach Reed this offseason, I thought it was a hugely classy move for him (one in a long line of them) to ask the kids what they wanted in terms of a postseason chance. It is really refreshing to see that he always seems to have his priorities straight in that it’s always about the kids. If he goes, he’ll be missed in a giant way.