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Nice win for Lehigh.  Great shooting night (51% from field, 55% from 3).  Pretty much went as I would expect, although I did not think we would put it in the 90’s.  This Lehigh team can fill it, especially if getting good shooting contributions from SC and HG.  Today they were both very good (combined 7-10 from 3), which opens the floor for everyone else.  My only concerns would be the standard, no real contribution from our young big guys (JG and CB).  JG played 10 minutes, and his only contributions were 1 rebound and 1 foul and some defense.  CB had 5 offensive boards in only 14 minutes, but no made FGs and 3 turns.    So, in 25 minutes from that pair, you get 2 points, 6 boards, and 1 block.  Gotta get more there.

It has become pretty apparent that Reed is OK with playing GK at the 5 and HG at the 4.  It works fine against these smaller, lesser opponents.  Can they hold up is the question.  Once you get BB back, and he rounds into shape, he will be an addition to the rebounding, as he is an excellent rebounder for his size.  Thick body for a guard, good leaping ability and tough.  But, we are going to be fighting uphill against the bigger frontlines.  But, he must think, and I have to agree, that CB and JG are just not ready for big minutes. 

Another minor concern I would have would be MM’s handle.  6 turns is not what you want to see from your PG, although he did dish out 6 assists.  1 to 1 is not the ratio we are all looking for out of him in his junior season.  Decision making is always a concern.

Very impressed with SC today with 4 3’s and 14 points in only 19 minutes.  With AD at 2-8 from the field and 0-3 from distance, it may be time to insert SC into the starting 5, while waiting for BB.  Both AD and SC are going to struggle on the defensive end, but I think SC has more upside with his shooting.  I think AD is behind SC and CS, and unsure why he is getting the nod at the starter, although the minutes are similar (yesterday AD 20, SC 19 and CS 15).

Final note, could DC go the entire season without scoring a basket?  So far, nothing, even in the mop up minutes.  It is unbelievable to me how little we are getting from this freshman class.  JG, at least is playing, only since he is a big man, but between he and DC, absolutely nothing.  With the return of BB, DC is dropping even further down the pecking order, if that is possible.  I guess he could get dressed in the mop closet, or sit behind the bench, but hard to fall much lower.  I certainly hope Chuku is a stud, or this is going to go down as the worst class in some time.  Can’t have 2 clunkers in a row if you want to be a consistent factor.