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I agree with you Bum, that Reed must think AD brings something to the equation to warrant starter minutes.  Personally, though, I don’t think AD brings toughness or energy.  He tends to stand around at both ends, and doesn’t play with much urgency.  I guess he is slightly more athletic than SC, but not by much.  To me, they are both catch and shoot players.  I think AD has some game off the dribble, but that he lacks the confidence to do it.  In high school, he generally played with the ball in his hands all the time.  He was generally a scoring PG, and he excelled with the ball in his hands.  He has not learned how to play off the ball very well.  He has very little action off the ball, and generally relies on catching and shooting a 3, or slashing with the ball.  I don’t see him as very effective cutting to the basket, or working off of picks and screens.  He plays like he is scared of making mistakes.  I think he has a lot more talent than he shows, but he is holding back a bit, due to lack of confidence.  He has definitely showed flashes in his college career, but very inconsistent.  I thought his confidence would increase as his minutes went up.  But, not sure I see it, yet.  I agree that his role diminishes with the return of Bailey, and that SC’s role does not.  SC remains a bench sniper in 15-20 minutes per game.  AD could be down to 5-8 minutes a game.  I hope AD finds a spot, as I think he has some ability.  Needs to figure out his role on this team.