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That was a great win.  Quinnipiac is a pretty talented team.  I saw them play at Stabler last year and they were pretty tough without Azotam, who is clearly their best player.  The good things were 1) the 2nd half by CJ, just unbelievable.  He was a no-show in first half, but just dominant in the second with big shot after big shot.  2) Gabe played very well, and showed good inside moves, good midrange game, and even range out to the 3 point line.  He is a great player in his own right.  3) I did like the energy that AD brought tonight.  He made a couple of shots and looked comfortable with the ball in his hands, and had a nice couple of assists.  4) CS productive in short minutes.  5) I liked the fact that Reed did play much more zone than usual, and I thought it was more effective than the man.

Negatives were the irratic play of MM.  Another 5 turnovers, shot the ball poorly, spotty decision making.  SC was not great from 3, and he really brings nothing else to the table.  And, then the biggies, the defense was pretty bad.  Inside and out.  Any time a Q player put it on the floor on the perimeter, he was unchallenged to the lane.  Not good.  And, the rebounding and post defense (outside of Gabe) was bad.  I agree 100% with StablerBum, the bigs need to put a body on somebody.  CB can’t seem to defend without fouling.  You can’t do that especially when the other team is in the bonus.  HG never found his mojo in the game either.

I am thrilled with the win, but in reality, we shouldn’t fear the NEC.  The worst thing of the night was having to listen to the ridiculous homer announcers on NEC Frontrow.  The guy doing the color commentary was the worst I have ever heard.  But, happy with the win.  Box said 1600+ but looked pretty darned empty on video.