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At this point I won’t have much to add that hasn’t been covered, but it was to much surprise and delight that as I was walking down to my floor seats behing the LU Bench Tuesday night that I see 65 sitting there waiting for me! Certainly a treat to take the game in with 65 and our seats weren’t to shabby.

AD as discussed, more active, which was nice to see, bit more confident as well, actually tried to beat someone of the dribble in this game.

SC – Tell you what, yes, he is a catch n shoot guy, went 1 for 5 from deep for the game, but way more in-tune with the speed of the game and his responsibility on the court. Much improved on D, guess hard not to be after last year when he couldn’t guard a chair…but he has gotten stronger, perhaps quicker, and even though he wasn’t hitting the 3-ball, he was in the right spot more often then not….Great moment first half, immediately after he drained his 1st 3 on great ball movement around the perimeter he had a D miscue – now 65 and I didnt see it, but reed immediately pulls him and has a eye to eye conversatin, great teaching moment…great job by reed.

CS – like SC, definitely a step quicker and stornger, had another nice game in limited minutes. Really liking the confidence here, he is ready to rock when called on.

CB – I want to love him, he tries his ass off, but he just isn’t there yet. He piled up fouls the other night, and while some were probably questionable, it seemed CB reacted to each call against him as if to say “I didn’t do anything”, when clearly at the foul rate he has had this year he is doing something. He doesn’t want to hold the ball in his hands at either end of the floor and has trouble catching down low on offense and going up.  He battled well, but Q just to big/strong for him. Still think that the experience he is getting is huge, will help for PL,a nd I think he can hold his own in PL better then originally thought…but he is lacking some assets in height/weight that we can’t teach him to improve on by March.

MM – the turnovers are all about trying to do to much man, he has to calm down, slow down, and stop trying to be deron williams or kyrie irving. He is a junior 3 year starting PG right now, but he has to be aware of situation…we couldn’t extend the lead past 5/6 all game, never got a key stop and then a bucket to esxtend to 4 possession game(until end)…and the one play that sticks out was we’re up 6 I think and we get turnover and we have a 2 on 2 type situation with him at ball at half court coming to the offensive end and I think gabe maybe had a step on 2 defenders who were both on GK…and MM tries to force 30 foot lob over 2 guys, when he should have pulled up and chilled, waited for help…he’ll be fine, the game is there, jus needs to slow it down…he is getting tot he FT line at a great clip…again, not woried, staff just needs to talk this out.


CJ – funny, as GK was hitting 2 FT’s at end when game was already out of hand I turned to 65 and said “Who do you remember scoring last outside CJ”? Well turns out CJ went for 14 straight. Damn, that was impressive, golad I was there to see that…no sweat on CJ, no pressure, just got it done….so smooth, so confident.

Enjoyable game, nice win, but as some pointed out, the frontcourt is/will be/always will be an issue all year long…tough to watch on many occassions on Tuesday the team play great D for 35 seconds tow atch Q throw up a last second shot, miss, offensive board and layup…just so frustrating…really killed me to watch that..