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90 – Great summation!

LU2007 and I were also on hand to witness the destruction. Let’s meet-up at an upcoming game.

Additional comments would include:
> The steady and brilliant play of GK. Take 15 points and 5 boards to the bank each night. You can add to that near flawless free throw shooting (.778 avg) and managed D (less than 3 PF/game). Last night was no exception. He just did it all in far less minutes (22). Neat haircut, Gabe. Even surprised your parents sitting behind the bench.
> Share the ball. It continues with 29 assists on 38 made baskets! PGs (not counting CJ when playing on top) give you a combined 11 assists to 3 turnovers. Solid this year and for the next two. It’s a team game and Reed has them believing in it. You get the feeling the players really like each player and want the others to succeed. You see it looking down the bench and watching the spirited play on the court. Check out the standing O when Staggers and Goodman make their buckets. You get the idea there’s a side bet in the locker room to see who can dish out the most assists. Just kiddin’ on the bet angle, of course.
> SC’s 3’s! Of course, but how about his hustle, improving D, and the 5 boards. Post game comments about the importance of playing solid D, improving his footwork, etc….all this from “Deadeye Cvrkalj!” Apparently, Reed’s message has gotten thru, i.e., this team can, and will most likely, score a ton of points. It’s the D that matters. Left unsaid….play it well and you’ll get into the game.
> How about 12 steals tonight!
> Was looking for FDU’s 5 double-digits scorers to show up. Only 4 did and just two, Bolding and Robinson, were effective. Never seen a more disjointed group. No cohesion whatsoever. Seilund and Harris combined for 4 points. Once down by 30, they realized it was a lost cause and went thru the motions only.
> News! We won the rebounding battle 37-24.
> FTs. Can’t miss. Or nearly so, going 15 of 17. I thing just one touch the rim. Not important tonight but will be later. Team @ .777 and getting better.
> 23 points in 24 minutes. What else can be said about CJ? He continues is near point a minute pace (actually, .82pts/minute) on the season to go along with 2nd in assists and 3rd in rebounds. You can only hope he plays ball near you next year. You can bet it’ll cost you more than $10/seat.
> Attendance. While I don’t buy the 2,024 official stat, I do believe it topped 1,500. The 2,024 is, of course, reflective of seats sold andnot seats occupied. While we did play at Stabler in the NIT Consolation Round (separate price of admission per NIT rules), THIS was our home-opener and you have to be happy with the turnout. Student section grew from what I estimated to be 300 vs. Fairfield (NIT game) to near 500 last night. Can see overall totals reaching 2500-3000 come Lafayette and Bucknell. The CJ clock is running out. So few chances to see this guy perform his magic. The Lehigh Valley may be slowing coming around. Let’s see what Fordham brings on Tuesday.
> JG. 5 PFs in 13 minutes. Sluggish play. Unsure where to position himself. Project.
> CB. Great reach resulted in 3 blocks. Fortunate positioning resulted in 3 of 4 rebounds. Slow to get into game flow. Progress.
> BJB. Still in jacket and tie. Family on hand give hope he’ll soon return.
> Looking down the road a bit.
(h) Fordham (12/4) lost to Harvard 73-64
(a) St. Francis/PA (12/8) lost to American 51-62
(a) North Texas (12/20) lost to Louisiana-Lafayette 76-80.
(h) Bryant (12/29) beat Army 70-59
(a) VCU (1/5) beat Belmont 75-65