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BJB is rumored to return on Tuesday against Fordam. I’ll be looking to see who Coach Reed will designate for the 6th man role.  It is clear to me the

AD experiment has been unsuccessful and that underclassman SC deserves the spot.  For whatever energy and occasional play-making abilities the

undersized AD brings, his jump shot is too mechanically flawed – the torque, the strain, the sideways release – to ever think he can be a consistent

scorer at this level.  Let’s face it, if you can’t find your stride against a non-defense like FD, how are you going to compete against the cream of the PL?

Whatever gap existed in SC’s defense and rebounding last year has clearly been bridged after a year of hard work.  SC has the physical size to get

his shot of, to defend and to rebound. And he has shows some downcourt speed; he has been very impressive on the fast break – getting down-court,

filling the lane and finishing.  And then there is The Stroke; smooth, effortless, nothing but net. I believe that SC unique ability from the 3 point line

can be a huge difference maker for this undersized Lehigh team. Especially with our tendency, in big moments to become the a one-dimensional

CJ show.  If SC can establish himself as a presence on the 3 point line – things will open up for CJ – the double and triple team defense will be forced

to spread and protect the 3.  SC has demonstrated enough that he deserves a real shot at the 6th man role ..