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I think BJB will be worked in slowly.  He hasn’t played this season, and if last year is an indication, I don’t see big minutes for him early, and not as a starter.  I think Reed stays with AD as a starter and SC as a bench player for two reasons.  First, AD defends better, and that is what you are looking for from the 5th offensive option.  Second, I think Reed likes SC as a bench spark, a guy that can play with the second group and score, when CJM might be on the bench.  SC is going to be a much more consistent offensive threat than AD.  SC, for all of the offensive potential he brings, is still a liability on the defensive end, particularly if he needs to guard quicker perimeter players.  I also think, psychologically, AD plays better as a starter.  He struggles with confidence, so starting fits him better.  SC has shown an ability to come in off the bench cold, and still connect at a high rate from 3.  I think, eventually, BJB is your 5th starter, but probably around the start of PL season.  I would think Bailey starts around 10 minutes and works his way up to starter minutes.  Maybe he is inserted as a starter for VCU, which would give him about a month to round into game shape.  BJB is going to have to shoot it pretty well from 3, along with his strong perimeter D and rebounding, if he expects to take the majority of minutes from the CS, SC and AD group.