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I was there this Saturday, and I had some thoughts.

* I could get used to 40 point blowouts at Stabler where everyone scores, the Mountain Hawks score 100 points and it’s over by halftime. Not sure if it was mentioned but it was the first time since 1994 that this happened.

* Was talking to a few fans that were here during the lean years but with memories of the Dozie Mbonu teams of the early 1990s. There were definitely echoes in the student section of those days. A strong student turnout, I felt.

* Couldn’t agree more about people coming out to see CJ weave his magic. Guys like this only come out once in a generation, people. Watching FDU watch helplessly as he’d pull up and nail a 3 was a real treat.

* Hard to tell if it was the opponent or not, but it seemed pretty clear to me that this Lehigh team is not just CJ and a bunch of scrubs, which is undoubtedly how many across the country feel about the Mountain Hawks. They can kill you in a variety of ways, which will become more evident as the season goes on.

* MM, GK, HG and Deadeye show how many ways Lehigh can kill you – and that’s even with BJB still out. I’m not too worried about the 6 with a 1-5 like that.

* Though I respect lehigh90’s thoughts, a 40 point blowout with a ridiculous 28-3 lead in the first half (or something like that) is the perfect time to work out the kinks with the younger kids. Though CB didn’t have a memorable game, the time he got this weekend and a lot of the younger players will pay dividends down the road. It’s not how the kids play in December that counts, but how they play in February and March.

* I wouldn’t count out DC yet. He’s not CJ at this point but nobody is. Teammates seem to rally around him big-time.

* It was abundantly clear the losses vs. Baylor and Pitt, not to mention the tough OOC wins, are paying serious dividends right now. The fact that Lehigh is battle-tested will make these upcoming December games different than in years past.