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To TMH’s point, it would be hard to be better than 6-2 with Baylor and Pitt on the schedule.  Baylor is one of the top teams in America and Pitt is no slouch at home.  What we thought would be marginal games have turned out to all go our way (RMU, Quinnipiac, etc).  No slip ups, like we have had in past years (Cornell comes to mind).  I think we cruise for a bit (Fordham, St Francis) until just before Christmas at UNT, and we are a favorite there as well.  Bryant may prove to be a tricky game in between 2 big games (UNT and VCU) but at home, should be double digit win.  Only other tough game would appear to be at VCU, which could be a huge win for the program if they could pull it off.  If we get to PL at 11-3, we all have to be pretty happy.  12-2, I am ecstatic.

At least we got a PSU win over Bucknell to knock them from undefeated.  I thought they could run into early January.  PSU without its best player and still won.  That showed me that Bucknell are not a great team just yet, as PSU got hammered by Akron and BC handled PSU as well, and we know BC is soft.  PSU did beat Penn by 11 over the weekend.  But, it is easy to have a slip up, off shooting night, so Lehigh will need to protect against that, particularly at a place like North Texas.  I will catch Bison at Princeton in a few weeks to get a look at them before the PL slate and report back.