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Question in postgame to reed on rebounding, are you concerned about frontcourt,and I tried to type quick enough to recap it for you –  “Yes, we gave up 21 offensive rebounds, we are concerned on frontcourt rebounding. Conroy always in foul trouble. Need to bring along Goldy. At times tonight played Holden at 3. We’ll try just about everything to overcome deficiency on team, it has to be a focus, to a man we have to be committed and determined to get the ball. I have no special solution from scheme standpoint.”

“We’re going to try to hang hats on strengths and try to minimize wekanesses. Unless gabe puts on 45 lbs it wont be immediate fix, try to improve it and strengths come to forefront.”

I got one idea…how about using your full scholly allotment!! that joke is old, sorry.