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I’m not nearly as astute as many here but I’ll try to give my impression of the game tonight.
1.)At times I felt like I was watching 2 different teams. There were long stretches where they did all the little things right. There was great intensity on defense, great court vision, nice distribution of the ball, getting it into the right hands at the right time. There were also long stretches where they seem to get really lazy with the ball and the 1st guy who saw a relatively open 3 took it. Perhaps the adrenaline burned off.
2.)CJ picked a good time to have an “off” night. He still finds ways to contribute.
3.)The best players for me tonight were AD and HG. Both showed incredible hustle, diving after loose balls. AD played great man defense, had some nice tight passes, quick hands. He may be tougher than we thin to get out of the lineup. HG just seemed to be everywhere,contributed in a lot of ways.
4.)MM is still Jekyl and Hyde to me. When he is good, he is really good but when he isn’t, it is usually because he is out of control. Tonight he was much more on than off.
5.)Gabe scored a lot of points tonight. He really knows how to post up and he was given the ball in great position often. He just didn’t seem to contribute in many other ways tonight.
6.)CS is sort of the anti-Mackey. He won’t wow you but also won’t disappoint you. He is just fundamentally very solid. That’s a nice asset to have on your team.
7.)SC was virtually non-existent tonight but that happens.
8.)I feel sorry for CB right now. I think this foul issue is in his head now and he’s playing just a little bit scared. His first foul was committed right in front of me and I honestly didn’t see it. I thought if there was any infraction, it might be on SC. The second was just good help defense underneath. The third apparently was a body foul. Again I didn’t see it. The 4th was not being able to get out of the way of a runaway train. JG on the other hand was just out of control.
My biggest critique is rebounding. Why doesn’t our frontcourt leave their feet? There were about 5-6 times where we had good position but the Fordham rebounder jumped while ours waited for the ball to get to them. Often we had 2-3 guys around the ball and lost the rebound. I would put a lid on the basket in practice and make sure everyone tried to get to the ball at its highest point. Forget height, technically be suffer in this department.
All in all, it was a nice win. When we are functioning on all cylinders, like most of the 1st half, this team is great fun to watch.