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I didn’t make it up to Stabler last night.  I had the misfortune of being given Sixers tickets and chose them over Lehigh.  That was a mistake, as I think Lehigh could have beaten the Sixers last night.  So, I didn’t see us live or on video or audio.  So, I am looking at a dry box score, but have a lot of questions for those in attendance.

1.  Seems like game was blowout from the jump, up 20 at half and cruising.  Why so few minutes for the bench, starters all played heavy minutes?  Bigs limited minutes, DC one minute, etc.

2.  In relation to #1, only 6 points from the bench?  4 for CS and 2 free throws for CB. 

3.  Outrebounded by 15 boards by a lesser team without their star who is a big rebounder for them?  Our 3 “big” players last night combined for 3 rebounds (GK 2, JG 1, CB 0).  That is terrible.  How does GK get 2 rebounds in heavy minutes against a team that shoots under 45%.  To make it worse, one of GK’s rebounds was offensive as was JG’s single rebound.  So, between those 3, we cleared 1 defensive rebound!!! One defensive rebound for our big guys against a team under 45%.  That is terrible.  Terrible effort, terrible postioning, terrible blocking out, terrible everything.

4.  As noted above, more fouls than points for CB and JG?

5.  Another issue, in regards to SC.  If he is going to be our bench offense/sniper, how can you throw up a doughnut?  Coming off a 20 point performance, then 0.  How about a little consistency from Reed in minutes and from SC?

Obviously CJ had an off night and the other starters picked it up.  Like the stats of HG, GK, MM, and especially AD.

Crowd of 1,350.  Not bad, if accurate, for a Tuesday.  We looked empty at over 2,000 for FDU, so I assume it was a mausoleum?  Never good when you can hear the sneakers on every cut.