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I’ll try my best Lehigh90

1.)The team looked great in the 1st half.That 20 point lead though was as high as it got. Funny thing though, much of that lead was built with CJ on the bench. If the starters would have come out strong in the 2nd half, you would have seen much more bench clearing.
2.)I believe Brett played his normal 8 man rotation, the bench simply didn’t shoot the ball much. Fouls limited CB and JG yet again. I think CS and SC got normal minutes. I focused on CB while he was in. I thought there was significant improvement since the Penn game. He moved his feet well, fought through screens, switched when appropriate. He got hit with a couple of ticky tack fouls early again and I think that plays with his head.
3.)Our rebounding is terrible.I said this last year too. Even when we establish position, we don’t get off our feet. Our guards do a better jog of catching the ball at the highest point. It is not so much size that hurts us, it’s all the other things.
4.)JG seemed to play out of control at the end of the game, trying to swat balls he should have stayed away from. CB, last night at least,just seemed to be victimized but that is my opinion. BTW, Brett seems to have settled into a substitution pattern of taking Gabe out after 8-10 minutes and substituting CB. At 6-6, he is now forced to guard guys much bigger than himself. He always seemed to be guarding the biggest guy on the court.
5.)The trouble with the 3 is you can have off nights. CJ didn’t shoot the ball particularly well last night either. You already noted how badly Bucknell’s sniper has performed on occasion too. When it becomes a pattern, I’ll worry. Not quite yet though.
I hope this helps.