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Despite CJ being the center of attraction and the “go-to guy” when the game is on the line, this team is – if nothing else –unselfish. Last night is just the latest example of same. With that quality comes a willingness to share the ball knowing open shots will lead to points. And, they have at alarming numbers and rates this year (80.5 ppg, .482fg% and .439 3ptfg%). All tops in the PL and by wide margins. Nationally, Lehigh sits at 84th in 2pt%, 2nd in 3pt%, and 8th in FT%. Perhaps more impressive is the 18th national ranking in something KenPom calls “Effective FG %.” Here he takes into account 3 point shooting by giving extra credit for made threes. eFG pct. = (FGM + (0.5 x 3PM))/FGA. But, at the heart of our success is “Assists to FGs Made-” a lightly referenced stat but one of Reed’s favorite metrics. In short, it defines team-ball. Here, we’re producing unheard of numbers.

Game Assists Made FGs
FU 24 29
FDU 29 38
QU 18 25
SH 17 32

Bottom-line: With the wide array of talented shooters we have on the roster this year – with seemingly a different one not named CJ stepping up each night – scoring the basketball should not be a problem.

Now, if could only find a fix for our rebounding woes. As Reed pointed out in his post-game interview last night, he’s keenly aware of the problem and, if you wish to read between the lines, may be inclined to advocate and stress the on-going importance of “gang rebounding” – a skill Fordham exhibited last night as ‘all hands’swarmed to the ball and got off their collective feet to challange us for every board. On our side, it was CJ, SC and AD that exhibited that same trait last night. It’s got to be universal. Reed said, in essence, we’ve got what we’ve got in terms of personnel and must go forth.

Can’t wait for the next game!