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So awesome so many of you guys got to go, pretty sloppy game, but hey on a night when our all american struggled from the field we still won by 18…granted it was Fordham!

All 5 starters in double figures tonight, AD had a nice game, big 3 when lead got down to 9. Gabe down low was great. Holden was very active off the dribble, made some things happen, playing with a ton of confidence.

Mackey, that shooting sleeve has to stay, he played well tonight, couple careless turnovers but was in attack mode, liked what I saw.

Stat of the night, through tonight, your back up bigs…clearly, we need improvement.

Baltimore fouls/rebounds on season: 27/30, 26 points on year.

Goldy fouls/rebounds on season: 11/21, 5 points on year.



We’ll keep beating these mid majors, excited for VCU matchup.